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ARIN Public Policy Meetings

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  • From: Kim Hubbard < >
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 08:52:38 -0400 (EDT)

From its inception, ARIN has been structured to provide a service to the
Internet community in an open and fair manner. As part of a continuing effort
to involve more of the general public in IP policy development, and thus to
gain a broader perspective from the community, ARIN is happy to announce that
it will be hosting public policy meetings in an open forum.

These public meetings will be open to all parties and individuals interested
in being involved in the discussion of IP-related issues, development of
global policies, and overall advancement of the Internet.

Each year, two meetings will be held over a 2-day period, usually in the
spring and fall.  Meeting agendas will include reports from ARIN's Advisory
Council and from various working groups formed to address focused issues.
Since the working groups will be addressing issues that affect others in the
community, they will be included in the public meetings to gain a consensus of
the attendees. 

The first Public Policy Meeting is scheduled to be held in Denver, CO, this
coming October. Announcements and information about this meeting will be posted
on ARIN's website. Also, a mailing list will be created to discuss issues and
to keep interested parties up to date on the various activities and

Feel free to browse ARIN's website to keep abreast of developments as they are
posted.  ARIN looks forward to your participation at these meetings and hopes
to see you in October.


Kim Hubbard

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