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Re: [anti-spam-wg] abuse address field ?

  • From: Niall O'Reilly <Niall.oReilly@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 12:30:49 +0100
  • Cc: Niall O'Reilly <Niall.oReilly@localhost

On 14 Apr 2008, at 10:52, Brian Boyle wrote:
I think consensus was reached, and a new object (irt) type was added
to the database. Shortly after, the database query response software
was modified to return irt objects in inetnum queries if they exist.

	Not quite.  A new attribute was added to a number of object
	types, including irt (which already existed).

A quick summary is available on:

	Which is where I found the information in my comment above.

	It's up to whomever is responsible for a given database
	object to advertise an abuse-mailbox for that object or for
	a less-specific related object.  "Think globally, act locally".
	For example, checking just now to avoid embarrassment showed
	that role UNA2-RIPE seems to have this attribute since 20050505.

	Doing what you can to convince others to do likewise is not
	forbidden. It's never too late. 8-)

	Best regards,

	Niall O'Reilly
	University College Dublin IT Services

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