Re: [anti-spam] [anti-spam-wg] Non-cooperation of RIPE ISP in investigating report of email abuse (spam)

Brian Nisbet wrote:

> Michele,
> The query is over the abuse details they have listed in both
> the RIPE database and places like, rather than phone
> or postal details.
> That aside, however, currently there is no policy or procedures
> for RIPE to follow up on incorrect contact information in the
> database.

Nevertheless I have to comment that I perceive it as perversion
to explicitely and voluntarily register or maintain an abuse-mailbox:
attribute that points to a disfunct mail delivery point...

> a rehashing of the discussion from last year is unlikely to be
> helpful without some new input.

So, one of the ideas I am having right now - as this attribute is
not mandatory and pretty modern - is to develop a slightly more
formal procedure to apply to this attribute.