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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Non-cooperation of RIPE ISP in investigating report of email abuse (spam)

  • From: Martin Neitzel neitzel@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 22:15:34 +0100

Nigel Titley wrote:
> At the moment the RIPE NCC does not have the authority to withdraw
> resources for (alleged) misuse of them unless the misuse is in
> contravention of the policy given to it by RIPE/ASO.

Not for misuse as in "their address space originates some spam
and they won't even hear" but, getting back to our subject:

The RIPE NCC does have the authority to enforce working contact
information, though, up to and including "pulling the plug".

It works like this:

(a) Any LIR (aka "Contributing RIPE NCC member") has signed, together
    with the RIPE NCC as RIR, in the beginning of their relationship

    	RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement

	and along with it the

	RIPE NCC Standard Terms and Conditions

(b) RIPE-321, Article 3 "Rights and Obligations":

	3.4 The Contributor acknowledges applicability of, and adheres to,
	the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) policies and procedures
	as outlined in the policy documents that can be found on

(c) One often these enforcable policies is

	RIPE-424:  IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies
	for the RIPE NCC Service Region

	it says:
	4.0 Registration Requirements
==>	[...]  Registration data (range, contact information, status etc.)
==>	must be correct at all times (i.e. they have to be maintained).

	12.0  Closing an LIR by the RIPE NCC
==>	The RIPE NCC may close an LIR for any of the following reasons:
	* the LIR does not pay money owed to the RIPE NCC
	* the LIR cannot be contacted by the RIPE NCC for a significant
	  period of time
==>	* the LIR consistently violates the RIPE communitys policies.

	The RIPE NCC takes on responsibility for address space held by
	closing LIRs.

So, the way I see it, simply neglecting your contact data can be
escalated quite drastically because it is a violation of one of our
policies.  There's also established procedure to get this done:

(d) RIPE 423:
	RIPE NCC Audit Activity

	1. Introduction
	[...] the RIPE NCC was asked to significantly increase
	its efforts to ensure the validity of registry data.

	2. Goals
	Audit activity is done to ensure fair and neutral application
	of policies set by the RIPE community, to the general benefit
	of the Internet.

	4. Types
	``Reported'':  [...] there has been a community complaint
	made against [the member] that requires investigation.

	6. Compliance Measures
	The RIPE NCC will provide audit subjects with individual
	assistance and education, and will make every effort to help
	members comply with the policies. If the member is found to
	be unable to comply with the RIPE community policies, further
	measures may be necessary. This may include, but is not restricted
	to, a review of the audited organisation's membership status.

The intent is to improve matters and to punish only where it seems
(to the RIPE NCC) necessary.  Some highly-effective "further measure"
against address space hoggers or RIPE-DB ignorami used to be a
drastically reduced assignment window, for example.  (Were there any

Summary:  If you (as a LIR member) have trouble reaching another
LIR through its network's WHOIS contact data, file an audit complaint.

							Martin Neizel