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[anti-spam-wg] antispam suggestion

  • From: Alexander Kolesnik anti-spam-wg@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 12:41:41 +0400
  • Organization: ABISoft

Dear sirs,

Last  time  I'm  receiving  a  lot  of  spam  to my RIPE contact

I have a suggestion that will probably help to reduce spam to emails
provided in RIPE whois output:
1. Substitute email addresses in whois output with something like "use";
2. Substitute letters in emails at with
their graphical representation or use javascript to build the text
that spam robots will be unable to parse.
3. Add following text to your whois web-engine: "You need
javascript-compatible (graphics-compatible) browser to see emails".

Best regards,