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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Fwd: IRT abuse-mailbox things...

>> It is much better to find ones way through muddleheaded websites or
>> call international operators for a phone number and spend 30 minutes
>> on a expensive international line, while being connected to 20
>> persons, none of which understands the problem and connects you to
>> just someone other with the same non-qualification.
> Exaggerating, are we?

Not much.  You've never been postmaster for a large organization, have
you?  In particular, never tried to deal with abuse issues for larger
than a trivial site the way you suggest (phone, paper mail)?

I'm tempted to ask the same about trying to find someone clued behind
the front-line phone-drones at a large organization, but I suspect
there are at least a few organizations out there that do it right, so
that might be an invalid challenge for the purpose, even though I've
never run into such a one.

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