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Re: [anti-spam-wg] European Comision and spam

  • From: Esa esa@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 12:23:24 +0100
  • Reply-to: esa.laitinen@localhost

Jesus Sanz de las Heras kirjoitti:
Anybody knows how  they are these filtering measures in Finland?

Are they filtering technics  or they're results of FICORA's regulation
in Finland abot "Information Security and Functionaly of email services"
There are few aspects of this "reduction". First the technical ones:
- mandatory limits on outbound and inbound port 25 usage for consumer connections (most ISPs have interpreted this as "block" to anything else than ISPs' MTAs). - blocklist usage (generally ISPs won't tell which lists they use, so you're out in the dark if something gets blocked)
- during virusbreaks, attachment filtering on the ISPs' MTA
- other limits on ISP's MTA usage (yet again, mostly cloack and dagger stuff revolving around rate limiting)

Then others:
- misleading description on what was reported (report was "spam reduction", when it should have been "reduction on spam reaching end-user mailboxes for those users that use ISPs mailservers")
- misinterpreted statistics
- imaginary statistics

For most part the results are due to the non-technical actions. So, this is actually a case of The Emperor's New Clothes.

There is a writeup on this report at . Unfortunately it is in Finnish. I've asked the author for permission to translate it in English.