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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Steve Linford and Spamhaus Internet Terrorists

  • From: peter h peter@localhost
  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 12:41:01 +0200

On Sunday 20 August 2006 11.50, Peter Dambier wrote:
> Michele Neylon:: wrote:
> > Would somebody please unsubscribe / ban this troll?
> > 
> The troll is right.

Please unsubscribe both trolls:
Peter Dambier peter@localhost
"Over Stock" overstock@localhost

We don't stop them from expressing their view, but we shure 
can stop them from stealing our resources. Let them talk
wherever they pay the bills. 

> Antispamlists do at least as much harm as do the spammers.

Antispamlists only exists as reaction to spammers theft of resources. The
day spam is non-existent, antispamlists will cease to exist.

< whining cut to save some electrons>

        Peter Håkanson   

        There's never money to do it right, but always money to do it
        again ... and again ... and again ... and again.
        ( Det är billigare att göra rätt. Det är dyrt att laga fel. )