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[anti-spam-wg] Re: Proposal for a legal solution to spam

  • From: Rodney Tillotson <
  • Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:05:48 +0100

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Ian Meikle wrote:
Jeffrey Race says six things will fix it
(I'm being more brutal than Ian was):

1. Everybody use DNSBLs;
2. ISPs be ethical;
3. Somebody fix registrars;
4. Somebody fix RIRs;
5. Somebody take spammers to court;
6. Somebody pass better laws.

For my money, 2 is necessary, and is basically sufficient.

1 is relevant even though it is partly a technology, because a
responsible ISP will take note of a reputable DNSBL or equivalent
in choosing its peerings and border ACLs.

6 is relevant even though passing laws doesn't make things happen,
because ISPs need everyone to know that when they do the right
thing the law gives their less responsible peers and customers no
room to wriggle.

Legislation might also help to make ISP good practice consistent
across national borders. RIRs (RIPE, anyway) are a way for ISPs
to build consensus on what is good practice and what is abuse.

But it all comes back to ISPs; 'us' rather than 'them', for most
people on this list. We have to find ways of making money honestly,
which for our species has always turned out to be difficult. Hand
the Internet over to the dolphins, but read "Animal Farm" first ...

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