[anti-spam-wg@localhost] I really need your help!

Hello everybody
       I am from EgyNet (AS:20858), and we are assigned the following
IP blocks: and Recently, we have been
receiving complaints from some of our customers in the first block
that they are facing problems in sending emails as their recepients'
anti-spam systems reject emails as the source is identifed as a
spammer. I tried to lookup in the spammer databases available on the
Web, such as (http://www.rbls.org), but I could not reach any solid
point. Thus, I really need your help to discover if my
block is actually identified as a source of spams or not; and if yes,
how can I remove this block from the spam lists?

Thanx for your help
Best regards

Eng. Sherif A. Gurguis
Senior Network Operations Engineer - Routing Department
Egyptian Company For Networks (EgyNet)