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Re: [[email protected]] Spam Survey

  • From: Claes T < >
  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:36:32 +0100
  • Organization: DoNotSpam

Emma Bretherick wrote:

>In case this is of interest to anyone...
It is - thank you!

>Consumer Attitudes Towards Spam in Six Countries (PDF):
(link to BSA survey snipped)

Please note different bases on different pages. Survey doesn't make
much sense to me:

Compare page 11 base with header: In Brazil 66% of what did what? (or
more important: Describe what the 34% did/didn't...?)

Page 13: In Brazil about 50% of all online consumers have purchased
software from spam. Page 7: Only 50% of consumers in Brazil getting
spam is *reading* software spam[1]. So: At *least* **all** in Brazil
that read such spam do purchase items as well. Or else some buys
software from spam without reading it.

And only "at least" 1000 persons in each of six countries was included
in the survey, how they where selected isn't in the material.

My summary: Non sense. Not enough data, and/or fubar. ICBW. 

Claes T

A major Swedish newspaper did read the survey  - at least they looked
at the charts ;-) - and proclaimed that 27% of *all* consumers in the
survey did buy software as a result from spam! What the chart really
said was 27% of *those making purchases after getting spam* buys
software, see page 12. No big news in that, though.

I guess all the spam subjects was very implicit. If not, how to know
what  _unread_  spams regarded "software", "finance" or
"Investments/business opportunities"...? No, there is no "Unknown
type" category.

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