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Re: [anti-spam-wg@ripe.net] Abuse contacts in RIPE database and whois


> > > It has been discussed there as a followup to ripe-47 and ripe-48, things
> > > will be implemented. Please see the minutes for the DB-WG for more detail,
> > > but it comes down to implementing things as requested.

> > [AP 48.5 RIPE NCC] To implement whatever consensus is reached
> > 	on the mailing list regarding abuse contact.

> > If we reach consensus to use the DNS RR RP, we're done ?

> > Additional comments from those against using the DNS RR RP ?
> There is nothing here to reach consensus about.  Whoever wants to add
> DNS RR RP records to his name server zones can do so.

Sure, but...

> The tricky thing is to convince those infamous tool authors to *query* 
> for RP records, but as no tool authors are *here*, there isn't very much
> the working group can do.

... if the db-wg reaches consensus, and asks RIPE NCC to
make a list of tools and authors to get in touch with
and invests time in this kind of informational work
instead of writing code -- well, that's money I consider well-spent.

Something similar that was made for the S/MIME discussion, so why
not doing for this cause ?

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