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[anti-spam-wg@ripe.net] MARID to close

During this afternoon's WG session it became known that the
IETF MARID Working Group is to close.
Peter Koch alerted me after the meeting and I have a private
copy of the announcement, but at the time of writing I
cannot see it in the ietf-mxcomp archive, so you must treat
it only as hearsay.

This means that the work on PRA and SPF will no longer take
this route; a possible outcome is that multiple technologies
will be developed to address similar problems.

Apparently it is no longer thought that MARID can deliver its
next charter goal in a reasonable time frame:
> Aug 04   Submit working group document on MTA Authorization
>          Record in DNS to PS
(see http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/marid-charter.html).

Rodney Tillotson.

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