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[anti-spam-wg@localhost] European open proxy hijacking (not op, but op hijacking) - someone working on this?


Don't know how many of you has observered (or more;) Ronald F.
Guilmettes open proxy hijacking project, listing the most used
providers (with their backbone) from where open proxies is feed (to be
clear, that is: *not* the net with most open proxies, but the net
*feeding* those open proxies on other nets).

A (volume) top 40 list is posted in NANAE and at least in some
anti-spam mailing lists, and now at
<www.monkeys.com/upl/top-20030912.post> as well.

Most (among those the top 12) is US, but there are some European as
well. RFG may be a PITA, but his usually know what he talks about, and
I think you'll agree that just stopping the open proxies isn't enough,
new proxies are found and exploited each [whatever short period of
time], but cut off the feeders, and maybe it will make a difference.


telecomitalia.it / seabone.net 
Telia.net / mtu.ru
Sprintlink DE / Schlund.de

... anybody here knows if it's noticed and handled at those fine
companies? Amar?

All the best,
Claes T

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