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Re: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts

Dr. Jeffrey Race said:
>>>Off the top of my head, it would appear to breach the Competition Act 
>>and the Restrictive Trade Practices Act.>>>In the case of contracts,
>>>it is just obedience to contract law.>Both the above override contract 
> law.
> Clive could you poke around in that space some more to see why it
> might be so.

No, since I'm not in favour of your ideas.

> Intuitively there should be no legal bar to withdrawal
> of an abused resource granted under condition that it not be abused
> in specific ways.

There *are* legal bars on a monopoly provider imposing restrictions on
resources not necessary for that provision. A restriction on advertising
IP addresses not allocated to you is probably within the rules. A
restriction on the traffic carried by those addresses, or a requirement to
impose a downstream contractual requirement, probably isn't.

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