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RE: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts

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> Behalf Of Clive D. W. Feather > Sent: 04 February 2003 14:44 > To: Dr. Jeffrey Race >; leo vegoda > Subject: Re: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts > > > In message <20030204111426.AB24125EB5@localhost>, Dr. Jeffrey > Race jrace@localhost writes > >>Does this mean that a single organisation would: > >>> - issue address space; > >> - investigate reports of its misuse ('misuse' to be defined); > >> - judge what action should be taken if misuse is proved; > >> - and finally, enforce that action? > > > >Yes, just as an ISP issues a userid to a customer, and withdraws > >it if the customer abuses his service > >> > >>Is this legal? In any country? > > > >Sure. Nothing makes it illegal. > > Off the top of my head, it would appear to breach the Competition Act > and the Restrictive Trade Practices Act. I believe that the Restrictive Trade Practices Act itself will be overridden by the Competition Act. In any case, the RTPA (AIUI) only now covers the Retail Pharmacies issue now being considered by the UK Government. > > >In the case of contracts, > >it is just obedience to contract law. > > Both the above override contract law. This will *only* apply to the United Kingdom. There may also be an issue with European legislation similar to the Competition Act. This, if it does exist, will *only* apply to the European Union. -- From Chris Jones mailto: chris@localhost web: http://www.telespan.co.uk/ My PGP Key:- RSA 2048/1024 Key ID: 0x2B1F1593 Fingerprint: B073 FE31 0A6A 6BD6 C4DB 750D 2B30 D0E7 2B1F 1593

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