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RE: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts

  • From: "Chris Jones" < >
  • Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 09:37:01 -0000

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> Behalf Of Nick Hilliard > Sent: 20 January 2003 13:48 > To: Dr. Jeffrey Race > Subject: Re: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts > > Aha, the nub of the issue: "imperative coordination". > > What you're asking for is for RIPE to carry a big stick, and > that it be > both threatened and wielded. RIPE isn't the army: it's co-operative > organisation. Your proposals would kill this co-operation and > ultimately RIPE. > Apologies for coming onto this element of the thread somewhat late in the day. However, I would take issue with tbe above comment. [I also "replied" to the posting without realising that this would respond 'only' to the original poster. So, further apologies to the rest of you.] If RIPE (and the other RIR's do NOT take appropriate action, then politicians will do it for you. Have you read the current proposals being discussed in Brussels and Strasbourg? If implemented as they currently stand, I reckon that all three (sorry four) RIR's will come to a grinding halt trying to comply with legislation that will not only apply to the European Union, but also to ALL other countries in the world!!! How workable will that be? The politicians will not care how much it costs the RIR's. If they don't implement the legislation, they will be legislated out of existence. I consider that as a starting point, Jeffrey's proposals should be considered an excellent starting point to head off this well-meaning, but ultimately, probably unworkable proposal from Brussels. If that means that RIPE etc. have to become more policeman-like, then so be it. At least we will be able to demonstrate to the politicians that we (the internet user community) do know how to start implementing the necessary controls. (Comes off soap=box) I do have a vested interest. I want to STOP more spam. This reduces the cost to everyone (including me) on the internet. -- From Chris Jones mailto: chris@localhost web: My PGP Key:- RSA 2048/1024 Key ID: 0x2B1F1593 Fingerprint: B073 FE31 0A6A 6BD6 C4DB 750D 2B30 D0E7 2B1F 1593

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