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[anti-spam-wg@localhost] Contacts

  • From: der Mouse < >
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 01:17:51 -0500 (EST)

Well, I subscribed on Monday and I've been lurking, but I've seen only
one message.  So rather than wait an indefinite time to get a feeling
for a list that seems to have very low traffic, I'll just go ahead.

What description I have of this list makes it sound as though it
probably is not the place I'm looking for, but it *is* one of the
places ncc@localhost referred me to, so perhaps I'm wrong, or perhaps
someone here can point me in the correct direction.

When dealing with net-abuse, I have occasion to look up addresses in
RIPE's database, to contact someone responsible for the relevant
netblock.  Mostly this is unremarkable, but sometimes the contact
address bounces.  In this case, I normally write to the contact for the
next larger containing netblock, but when that's the RIPE, that doesn't
work (the contact address for RIPE's netblocks is one which doesn't
accept mail from the world at large - or at least is documented as
such; I don't recall trying it recently).

So I was reporting such broken contact addresses to ncc@.  But the
person there (signing with the name Yvette Vermeer) tells me that ncc@
is not the correct place to send them.  She (I assume "Yvette" is
"she") referred me to two lists, of which this is one.  (I assume she
named this one because the net-abuse behind the message that sparked my
writing to ncc@ in the first palce was spam.  But that's one reason I
suspect this is not the correct place, because the issue at hand is
contact address maintenance; spam is relevant only in that it was what
prompted me to be looking for the particular contact address that
started the exchange off.)

Presumably _somewhere_ at RIPE there is _someone_ to whom such things
should be addressed; like any assigning authority, RIPE has
responsibility concomitant with its authority, in particular to make
sure its assignees behave themselves - such as by maintaining correct
contact info.  It seems to be difficult to find whom to report such
outdated contacts to - but I'm going to exhaust all the leads I can
find at RIPE before going upstairs about this.  I don't like to kick it
even far up as RIPE (I wouldn't except that the invalid contact
addresses in question are direct RIPE assignees) and I really don't
want to have to go even further.

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