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Anti-spam WG agenda RIPE 43

  • To: RIPE anti-spam WG < >
  • From: Rodney Tillotson < >
  • Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:11:16 +0100

Draft agenda.
We have two sessions on Tuesday afternoon 10 Sep;
Routing WG meets at the same times.

I suggest we divide the time into informing (before coffee
break) and making things (after coffee break).

Please suggest changes or additional agenda items.
Volunteers needed for:

1.   Working Group Co-chair
2.   Presentation on UBE injection through proxy servers
3.   Presentation on Reading UBE headers
4.   Presentation on Content issues
5.   Presentation on Update to RIPE-206
6.   Any other relevant presentations.

Otherwise it will just be me talking, and we know how exciting
that is ...

Rodney Tillotson
+44 1235 822 255.

Anti-spam WG agenda for RIPE 43, Rhodes September 2002.


First session, 1400: informational

A    Administrative Matters
     A1   Scribe
     A2   List of participants
     A3   Agenda
     A4   Minutes
     A5   Alternative WG chair
B    Update
     B1   Recent list discussion
     B2   Developments in UBE
*              Proxy insertion
               Social engineering
               Content issues
     B3   Developments in anti-spam
               US carriers
     B4   Products

C    Technical measures
     C1   Filtering

D    Interactions
     D1   Marketers
     D2   Other ISPs
     D3   Bulk mailers
     D4   RIRs
*    D5   Reading UBE headers

Z    Agenda for RIPE 44
     Opportunity for suggestions
     (will be decided in second session)


Second session, 1600: work items

A    Administrative Matters
     Review only (dealt with in first session)

E    Advice
     E1   Update RIPE-206 (Rodney Tillotson)
*              Services supporting UBE
     E2   opt-IN lists (work item)
     E3   Reporting UBE
*              Standard format for reports (Rodney Tillotson)

X    AOB

Y    Future tasks

Z    Agenda for RIPE 44


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