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Re: crippling mail archives

  • From: Mally Mclane < >
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:05:46 +0200

Hi All,

Further to my email last week and a short brainstorm in-office, we've come
up with:

> 2) If so, how do we do this? Do we remove domains? restrict it to members
> only? etc.

Proposal: email addresses like:

     Mally Mclane mally@localhost

are scrambled to URLs like the following:

     <A HREF="/cgi/">Mally Mclane</A>

in the mail archive pages. returns:

<META http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=
;> plus some descriptive text, including the descrambled email in case the browser can't handle the refresh. This instantly brings up the client's mail program if configured. The advantages are: - you can make the scrambling algorithm whatever you like, it doesn't have to be clear to the (legitimate) user. - the user can just click on the link as normal to use his/her mailer. Any comments? Cheers, Mally Mclane RIPE NCC Operations

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