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Re: introducing PolSpam

  • To: Vladislav Potapov < >
  • From: Paweł Krawczyk < >
  • Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:46:33 +0100
  • Cc: "'anti-spam-wg@localhost" < >

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 03:19:20PM +0300, Vladislav Potapov wrote:

> I don't think blacklists is a good solution of the problem. Of cource you
> can remove yourself from a blacklist if you got to it by mistake. But the
> problem is the huge number of the lists (national, international, custom,
> enterprise....). And it takes much more time to remove an address from the
> lists than to fight with spam locally. And you are never sure if one of the
> lists eventually adds your address by mistake.

Vladislav, it's another argument for the centralised blacklisting versus
individual blacklists at every single server with an administrator bored
of spam. So far PolSpam is, as the name says, working on the Polish
level and it's working really efficient, we even get lawsuits threats
(with no real legal value, fortunately) from local spammers, which means
that we really give them a lot of trouble.

But what you say is also another argument for us to request the
blacklist users (as the only thing we provide is the list management,
no actual blocking) to inform blocked people clearly, why they were
blocked and give them chance to get removed.

Pawel Krawczyk

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