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Re: Commecial vs fairness (was: spam support)

  • From: Steve Linford < >
  • Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:23:47 +0000

At 10:05 pm +0000 (GMT) 14/2/02, Clive D.W. Feather wrote:
 variable@localhost said:
 RIPE already has terms and conditions that you have to sign up to if you
 wish to become a LIR.  I'm merely suggesting that it might be worthwhile
 bringing them up to date.  Obviously, with a tougher set of T's & C's RIPE
 would need extra resources to enforce them.
 That's not the point. If the terms are reasonable *for RIPE's monopoly
 purpose*, then you can enforce them. But a condition that, for example, you
 must use Cisco routers would be unreasonable for that purpose, so it's an
 abuse of their monopoly.

 Rules beyond those necessary to ensure IP addresses are allocated
 efficiently are outside their monopoly position.
However you wouldn't want RIPE to allocate you a batch of IPs that were previously used by a Cyberpromo and are consequently completely blocked by every DNSBL and local MTA blacklist on the net. If they did, and you gave those IPs out to customers there'd be a mess as your customers would want to burn an effigy of you ;) So it may make sense for RIPE to guard themselves against a future Cyberpromo destroying the usability and hence value of those IPs, by stipulating something in the TOS that forbids the use of the IPs for spam service purposes.

Steve Linford
The Spamhaus Project

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