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Re: [Uwho] Re: draft-campbell-whois-00.txt

  • To: Jeff Williams < >
    Rick H Wesson < >
  • From: Jefsey Morfin < >
  • Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:29:35 +0100
  • Cc: Allen Smith < >
    icann board address < >

Dear Jeff,
At 08:42 11/02/02, Jeff Williams wrote:
  Makes one wonder what ICANN does do, doesn't it?
ICANN has nothing to do except:
- to publish the ICP consensual documents ruling the entries into the three pages of the IANA Excel table in a way it foster competition in being open to everyone on equal terms, and matches IETF requirements.
- to check these prerequisites are met
- to carry the entries.

These documents are to be writen by its specialized support organizations where the stakholding Internet Participant gathered by Constituencies may uncover their consensus.

They are to be endorsed for consistency and practical application by the BoD.

They are to be enacted by the Staff.

The whole process is under the control of the general @large assembly of the Internet Participants.

To reach stablity:
- 9 Directors come from the interested Internet Participants through the Constituencies and SO indirect channel,
- 9 Directors are directly elected by the interested Internet Participants (@large)
- 1 Director represents the Staff.

This is it: a simple and stable solution for the Internet Community to get a trusted custodian for the IANA functions (which provides the Internet Consensus Infrastructure).

The ICANN is currently suffering from a mission creep some say inherited from the DoC others from the confusion of some partners between entrusted service and commercial ownership.

Whatever the reason of the desease the cure will probably be the transfer of the ICANN under the responsibility of the ITU/T. Once the Governments and the consumer organizations understand from the way it is used - instead of the way some want to use or benefit from it - that the Internet is not a network but the interconnection of its individual participants stations, systems and networks; not a a media but a low level medium falling under common rules and laws.

It will only have costed the world billions in delayed development.

Jefsey Morfin

PS. I know of no WHOIS international consensual agreement endorsed by the GAC. This should be obtained first as such an agreement will be form the authoritative specifications of the WHOIS service and by consequence of the programs to suppoprt it.

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