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Re: test message

  • To: Steve Linford < >
  • From: Piet Beertema < >
  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:33:28 +0100
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I had a long conversation with the Italian MEP pushing the opt-out legislation forward, Marco Cappato, and he explained to me that all
users could avoid spam simply by looking at the message Subject before downloading it. I told him the Subject field wasn't part of the SMTP
protocol so the spam had to be received before seeing the Subject and
he said that's not true because on his Hotmail account he can see the
Subject without downloading the message... He said all ISPs must
provide the same system Hotmail has.
And they all must vote Forza Italia, I suppose?
Even so this guy provides the basis for a brilliant idea: every
spammer *must* use a address, so you don't even have
to look at the Subject to determine the nature of a message: the
from-address will do, and SMTP has hold of this. I'd love to see
this implemented, since I refuse *all* mail from such addresses. ;-)

I also spoke (by email) to the British MEP responsible for pushing the UK
side of the opt-out legislation - Michael Cashman MEP. He said that because
so much spam was coming into the UK from the US, spam must be allowed in
the UK or else our spammers would be at a commercial disadvantage...
How true. But he said *in* the UK... ;-)
Gee, I love idiots...


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