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RE: test message

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 19:49:49 -0000
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> I also spoke (by email) to the British MEP responsible for pushing
> the UK side of the opt-out legislation - Michael Cashman MEP. He said
> that because so much spam was coming into the UK from the US, spam
> must be allowed in the UK or else our spammers would be at a
> commercial disadvantage...

This is truly pathetic. Opt-out lists simply do not work. The nearest
analogy that exists is the Fax Preference Service in the UK. Our company has
had our fax numbers on the FPS at two locations for two years or so and the
unsolicited bulk faxes keep coming. The FPS is run by the Direct Marketing
Association. They have never yet been able to give me any example of a fax
spammer who has been prosecuted or punished, despite the fact it is now
illegal to send unsolicited sales faxes to registered numbers in the UK.

If anyone is stupid enough to believe 'opt-out' is an answer, look no
further than the FPS for proof it is a waste of time and will have no

Of all toothless spam apologists to administer the scheme, they couldn't do
better than the DMA. Politicians really have a completely warped and
idealist view of the world. Or maybe they're just taking the money from the
bandwidth providers and spammers?

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