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[Off-topic]: Function of the mailinglist, was Re: How do you get off ORBS nowadays?

  • To: Thijs Cobben < >
  • From: Jan Meijer < >
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 16:42:06 +0200
  • Organization: SURFnet bv


So, either continue discussing interesting means to create false-positive
'SPAM' diagnosis on your overconfigured mailservers in another place or
REMOVE me from this mailing list. I thought this was an official RIPE list
containing minutes and agendae for formal meetings, but it now is becoming a
chitter-chat-place for issues above.

What has been discussed is -amongst other things- centralized blacklisting, which is imho a valid topic for an anti-spam working group.

Please take a look at the working-group charter:

2. Who can participate
The work of this group will be carried out principally by email. It is proposed to meet at the RIPE meetings in order to finalise any documents. Participation in RIPE working Groups is open to all. To join, send a message to majordomo@localhost containing the text: "subscribe anti-spam-WG".

The first meeting was held during RIPE 31.

The function of this list is to discuss the topics for which the workinggroup was installed. What you are witnessing is discussion. This is not the ISO.


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