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Re: DRAFT minutes Anti-spam WG RIPE 39 Bologna

  • To: RIPE Anti-Spam WG < >
  • From: Frank Altpeter < >
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 21:20:45 +0200
  • Mail-followup-to: RIPE Anti-Spam WG anti-spam-wg@localhost
  • Organization: ISION Internet AG, Hamburg, Germany

Hello !

Rodney Tillotson wrote on 05.07.2001 18:52:31 +0100:
> DRAFT minutes. I am sorry it has taken so long to write them.
No problem, i think we all know that we still lack of enough time
besides our usual work. (However, thanks for your engagement in this WG).

And from my side, just a little addition to your report:

> C3  Reporting spam
> Question from the WG Chair:
>   Who is reporting every piece of spam they see?
> + 1 attendee reports 95% of what he sees
>   (20-30 e-mails per day, using a script)
>   and gets about 10% response rate.
> [note -- if the person who said this could make his scripts available
> through the list it would be very helpful]

This was me... and since my script is not very "generic" but highly
customized for my needs, i will take work up again on it to make it
useable for others, and then provide the list with some URI to get it.
I hope this can be done within the next two weeks.

BTW: i welcome the idea to create an additonal security WG, and i would
be glad to join it.
But i think that we also should collect some ideas to get more people
aware of what we are doing in the anti-spam working group. IMHO there
are still too few people attending, and this list has been extremely
quiet the last weeks.

With kind regards,

		Frank Altpeter

ISION Sales + Services GmbH & Co. KG
Managed Data Centre - iServices
Harburger Schlosstrasse 1, D-21079 Hamburg
fon: +49-40-77175-540 fax: -519 pgp: 0xF128ADF3

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