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  • From: Jan Meijer < >
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 18:56:26 +0200
  • Organization: SURFnet bv

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Hi anti-spam wg,

Please treat this as a serious question ;).  I was just reading up on
the anti-spam wg minutes, came accross the open relay bit and was
musing about ways to both efficiently and adequately open-relay test a
network of approx. 250 connected heterogenous(university) networks, as
my last method (portscan for port 25 and subsequently do a simple open
relay test) did not find them all :(.

My time is rather limited, so if there would be a install-configure-run
tool that allows me to scan all our customers for port 25 and
open-relay test them for even the more exotic relay methods that would
be very helpful (would save a couple of days of figuring out the
correct settings for the portscan to optimize time but not lose on
completeness of the portscan).  One thought that popped up was to use
the tools spammers are using themselves.  Perhaps someone has a
pointer/tool that does the trick?

Jan Meijer
SURFnet Services & Support

Version: PGP 7.0


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