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RE: AT&T submitted to RBL

  • From: "Paul" < >
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 14:37:45 +0100
  • Reply-to: < >

I would like to propose that proven spammers can have IP addresses removed
from them by RIPE or the relevant authority. Many spams are advertising
sites either by poorly concealed IP addresses, or on domains where those
further up the chain turn a blind eye. I know RIPE was keen for ISPs to
impose good terms and conditions on end users ensuring they have the ability
to pull the plug when the user abuses the system. But what happens when
bigger organizations deal direct with RIPE? Surely RIPE's terms and
conditions should entitle them to take back IP addresses from those who
spam, or host spam related sites (or permit this to be done).

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