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Re: Anti-spam WG draft agenda RIPE 40


Maybe a little OT...

For those who have not seen this report from EU
- now in English.

"Commission study: "Junk" e-mail costs internet 
 users euro 10 billion a year worldwide."


-- amar

Rodney Tillotson wrote:
> Here are a few ideas for the next WG meeting; but I need some
> input and all comments are welcome.
> I hope to have an agreed outline next week; we can fill in the
> details nearer the time.
> I would particularly like to hear your views on tutorials. There
> seem to be some people who are unfamiliar with anti-spam work
> and precautions and who might find this helpful.
> The questions are:
>       What topics? I have invented some in the skeleton agenda
>            below but you may have some better or more specific
>            ideas. Should we aim for one, two or three topics?
>       Who can deliver the tutorials? Please offer if you can, or
>            suggest other people I might ask.
> The other new item is D, on security. Those who were at the
> Bologna meeting will remember that this was mentioned in the WG
> and in the plenary. I have written three headings but they are
> just one possibility. We could decide that it's a good idea to
> extend the WG activity to cover all of mail security, or we may
> think that a separate group should look at security in a different
> way, leaving us to make progress on spam alone. Either way we need
> to say something at the next meeting, and it might be useful to
> have talked about it on the list before then.
> Thank you.
> Rodney Tillotson, JANET-CERT
> +44 1235 822 255.
> Anti-spam WG draft agenda for RIPE 40, Praha October 2001.
> A    Administrative Matters
>       A1   scribe
>       A2   list of participants
>       A3   agenda
>       A4   minutes
> B    Tutorials
>       B1   How spam works
>       B2   How spam affects ISPs
>       B3   Reading spam headers
> C    Update
>       C1   Recent list discussion
>       C2   Developments in spam
>       C3   Developments in anti-spam
>       C4   Open relay products
> D    Security issues in mail
>       D1   Port filtering
>       D2   Mail system threats
>       D2   Signing and encryption
> E    Advice
>       E1   opt-IN lists (work item)
>       E2   Reporting spam
> F    Technical measures
>       F1   Filtering
> G    Interaction with CSIRTs
>       G1   Reading mail headers (work item)
> Y    AOB
> Z    Agenda for RIPE 41

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