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Anti-spam WG draft agenda RIPE 39

This is the agenda that will be in the printed programme.

We can agree different items when we get to Bologna, but if you
have specific things you want to suggest before that, please do.


Anti-spam WG draft agenda for RIPE 39, Bologna.

A. Administrative Matters 
	- scribe
	- list of participants
     	- agenda
	- minutes

B. Update
B.1 Recent list discussion
B.2 Developments in spam
B.3 Developments in anti-spam
B.4 Open relay products

C. Advice
C.1 opt-IN lists (work item)
C.2 opt-OUT
C.3 Reporting spam

D. Technical measures
D.1 Filtering

E. Interaction with CERTs
E.1 Reading mail headers (work item)


Z. Next meeting agenda

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