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Re: [off-topc] ISP responsibility, was Re: European DB-law was: Re: SpamWhack

In article <Pine.LNX.4.30.0101221153511.17824-100000@localhost>,
Paul Wouters paul@localhost writes

>Only act when a court has ruled you to do so.

This would be an ideal situation, but it is not the way that law in the
UK is arranged. For example, individuals, not courts, inform an ISP he
hosts allegedly defamatory material. 

And just this week:

"A ban on all direct forms of tobacco advertising has moved a step

where (unless we can lobby it away) *any* form of notification that he
is hosting a tobacco advert criminalises the ISP.


and, regarding buying babies "on the net":

"Mr Hutton [the UK Health Minister] said he expected the ISPs to take
action if the health department, a local authority or member of the
public reported they were carrying an illegal site. 


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