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Re: SpamWhack

  • To: Rodney Tillotson < >
    RIPE anti-spam < >
  • From: David VanHorn < >
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:43:02 -0500

At 09:45 AM 1/18/01 +0000, Rodney Tillotson wrote:
It's been suggested that we discuss at the meeting next week

Good idea. I'm not sure whether their hashed personal data is
consistent with European Data Protection law. If anyone has direct
experience of this service or a similar one, please tell the list
or speak up in Amsterdam!

Interesting point.
Since the MD-5 hash is irreversible, I would assume that it is sufficient.
However, I'm not aware that they have even a working definition of sufficiency.

Where's dave?

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