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Re: Spamcop madness

  • From: Petra Zeidler < >
  • Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:22:34 +0200


Thus wrote Jan Meijer (Jan.Meijer@localhost):

> >     >In this case, we have been harrassed for a couple of weeks
> >     >by someone spoofing one of our ipaddresses in spams.
> > Well, you were "lucky" that only a non-used/routed IP address
> > was used. A couple of years ago a *valid* e-mail address of
> > one of our users was used this way...
> How did you stop it?

We have a similar problem: someone's pumping out huge amounts of spam
through hit&run dialups (it's been various) and using the domain of a
customer of ours as envelope from.
After we collected 5 GB in bounces, we've been forced to point the
domains MX to nevernever-land; anyone have a reasonable idea that doesn't
involve a separate mailer machine that prefilters that domains mail?
The good people are a rather small customer and they definitely don't
deserve nor want to pay for the traffic costs that would run up, not to
speak of other costs.

kind regards,
	Petra Zeidler
[A] KPNQwest Germany * Emmy-Noether-Strasse 9 * D-76131 Karlsruhe
[T] +49 721 9652 215   [F] +49 721 9652 171
[E] petra.zeidler@localhost                [I]

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