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RE: Expertise for spam

  • From: "Esa Laitinen" < >
  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 10:46:46 -0700


As others have already pointed out, you're the one who will decide. But this
seems like normal spam.

The critical question whether this is spam or not is: did the recipient
request the information? If the sender claims that he did, your customer
should be able to prove it from his logs. Further more, the add address
request has to be confirmed (look
for specifics).

What you can do and/or have to do depends on your contracts and acceptable
use policy. If it doesn't say anything about UBE (aka spam) you should
include the necessary text there as soon as possible.

The message looks so much as spam that I probably would terminate the
contract with the customer unless he can prove that the message was indeed
asked for. In no case should you settle for the promise: "we'll take him of
our list". If he does this (and can not prove that the message was
requested), he has in fact admitted that he is spamming. Removing
complainees addresses just diminishes the amount of complaints, but don't
remove the problem.


Esa Laitinen

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