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RE: Anti-spam WG Amsterdam 23 Feb 2000

  • To: "RIPE anti-spam" < >
  • From: "Esa Laitinen" < >
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:18:34 -0800

> Maybe you should contact this address (I hope they're not using ORBS to
> filter Email there :). They should have a sample of an open relay test
> message on file, possibly together with spam sent through your relay.

Unfortunately Alan Brown (the guy who runs ORBS) lists (at least) two kinds
of static entries:
1. those that block the relay tester
2. those that forbids him to test their netblocks.

Neither have necessarily anything to do with open relays.

Static entries return different values than normal entries when queried, but
many MTAs cannot make any difference between the entries.

There are new DNS zones that don't list static entries. Further information

I use MAPS RBL, MAPS RSS, MAPS DUL and ORBS. MAPS RBL blocks e-mail, RSS and
DUL diverts the mail for further inspection and ORBS just flags the message
so recipient can filter if he wishes. Further more we block based on
X-Mailer: information. This way I have yet to see a false positive, most
(maybe 90%) of spam don't reach the recipients, although volumes that we get
are not very big.



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