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RE: Another sad proof of why the industry can't handle the UCE issue

  • From: "Esa Laitinen" < >
  • Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 15:14:38 -0700

> I don't have
> a problem with an *occasional* (like in this case) message
> from the manufacturer of a product I use when it is about a
> (potential) serious problem with that product and refers to
> a [webpage with] solution.

FWIW: The fact that you don't have problem with such a message doesn't diminish the fact that this kind of messages are UCE.

Suggested course of action (for the sender of the original message): contact Microsoft. This message AFAIK against their policies, and the complaint results to heightened awareness of the spam issues within Microsoft Netherlands. E-mail address is abuse@localhost. If necessary, I have contact information within Microsoft (contact me off-list for the address).

I did this earlier this year with Microsoft Finland, and they're much more clued in than before.


Esa Laitinen

ps. What is opt-out worth if it can be ignored on whim?

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