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Re: Another sad proof of why the industry can't handle the UCE issue

  • From: Dave Wilson < >
  • Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:47:33 +0100

> Well, it's obvious that a voluntary, industry-driven opting scheme will
> never work with Microsoft.  But: they are always arrogant and do not really
> care about their customers (well, about their wallets ;).  I think it is a
> bit to harsh to generalize a *microsoft* mail to the whole vendor
> community.  

You'd be surprised at how powerful an RBL threat can be. If Microsoft,
or anyone else, need to send out urgent updates from their techies that
are genuinely important enough to send to the whole community, so be it.
If Microsoft, or anyone else, allow marketing messages to be sent out
in the guise of urgent admin updates, they'll quickly find themselves

I can't be sure, but ISTR MSN clened up its act bigtime after an RBL
experience. Very often it's just the ammunition the clueful staff need
to convince the marketing dept or their boss that their actions are

By the way, if you feel your address was abused, feel free to forward
me the full mail & details of how they got your address. I might be able
to forward it to someone in MS who can knock the right heads together.


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