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Re: legislation

  • To: (George W. Mills)
  • From: Piet Beertema < >
  • Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:45:26 +0100

    They would make it illegal to send UBE via an ISP whose rules
    forbid it, forbid unauthorised use of a computer system (relay
    rape), forbid selling spamware, allow spam recipients and ISPs
    each to collect $10/spam up to $25K/day.

That law is a "bit" more restrictive:
	over any "person" who transmits or causes the transmission of
	unsolicited bulk electronic mail
	to or through an "electronic mail service provider's" "computer
	network" located in Virginia
That's pretty much restricted.

Note: it doesn't say "unsolicited commercial mail"
or "unsolicited bulk commercial mail". And of course
there's no definition of "bulk"...

	makes it the crime of computer trespass to
	(a) falsify or forge e-mail message transmission information
	in connection with unsolicited bulk e-mail
This would imply that such falsifying or forging,
when not connected to UBE, would not be a "crime
of computer trespass"...
But the full text is more clear:
	Falsify e-mail header information or forge in any manner
	other Internet routing information for the purpose of
	sending unsolicited bulk electronic mail through or into
	the facilities of an electronic mail service provider or
	its subscribers. 
Now, back to the real problem: how to *identify*
the sender of spam...


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