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Re: Anti-Spam WG Meeting at RIPE32

  • To: James Aldridge < >
  • From: Claudio Allocchio +39 040 3758523 < >
  • Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 11:36:43 +0100

... well, I do have a suggestion for a work item on this WG mailing list:
we often have a serious problem when we need to decide an action against an 
identified spammer: to decide if the message send IS a spam or NOT. In 
order to facilitate the work of any group dealing with spam violation it 
would be wonderful if one could simply checklist a "suspect" message 
agains a probe and decide if it is a spam, and evenutually which "level" 
of spam it is. If such checklist exist and is commonly recognized by all 
operators (ISP, Auhorities etc.)...

A very rough example of possible checklist:

Is the sender an existing e-mail address?

Is the recipient list containing N addresses?

Does the message contain the disclaimer "if you do not want to receive 
any more, please send a message/vist the web page xxxx"?

Does the message contain a "commercial" promotion?

Is the message a chain letter?

Does the message search for business partnership?


Could we please try to set up such a checklist? Maybe small little 
useful steps are easier to achieve at this stage!

Happy new spam-free 1999!

Claudio Allocchio                          Claudio.Allocchio@localhost

tel: +39 040 3758523                       G=Claudio; S=Allocchio; O=elettra;
fax: +39 040 3758565                       P=Trieste; A=garr; C=it;

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