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Re: People forging their From: addresses

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Piet Beertema wrote:

>     Same thing happened to us recently and we weren't even relaying
>     anything - one of our dialup customers had sent a spam and that
>     made someone think we were relaying stuff (but looking at the
>     headers of the mail I can't see how anyone could interpret it
>     that way - they must've been tired or something when they looked
>     at it) so we got blacklisted without warning and only found out
>     about it when servers started bouncing stuff back to us. 
> Blacklisted by whom?

MAPS/RBL. The listing was lifted promptly by them though and I
don't blame them for not having enough time to maintain the database
properly when they do it all for free - I just wanted to show that
the system might not be optimal.


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