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Re: People forging their From: addresses

  • To: (Piet Beertema)
  • From: E D Danielyan < >
  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 15:40:40 +0500 (GMT)
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  • Fax-and-voicemail: +1 212 208 4689

>     I think the combination and is the
>     way to go. Let's have those open mail relays secured ASAP.
> It *is* a very powerful combination. But at the same time it
> can be a dangerous one for your organisation: you may well
> find that quite a few organisations that you *must* exchange
> mail with are on rbl and/or orbs. Which means *you* have to
> make your own exceptions to the rbl/orbs rules, and tell your
> 'counterparts' to fix their business.

RBLs are not good solutions... Not as good as necessary :)

A simple combination of RCPT TO and MAIL FROM checks (in 8.9) help us
decrease spam traffic *appx* by 80% before even accepting them...
Of course the 20% remain :(

Sometimes legal action is impossible or impractical if the sender is not
in the same country as the victim...

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