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Re: People forging their From: addresses

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  • From: Piet Beertema < >
  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:52:21 +0200

    	The latter remains to be seen. Originally I used 400,
    	but I found that it only led to massive and almost
    	endless retries for obviously bogus domains. Then I
    	switched to 500. And the loggings show that really
    	existing domains are hit only very rarely.
    Very rarely becomes 'quite a lot' if you have hundreds of thousands
    of emails a day. If 20 valid emails get bounced by us a day, that is
    unacceptable. We can not put the burden of this on our users, so we
    have to bear it ourselves by returning 400. This is partly of course
    a difference in the customers we serve :)
The latter is probably the deciding factor in which
approach to choose: an ISP is in quite a different
position than an end site.


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