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Re: Getting open smtp servers fixed

Esa Laitinen said:
> Let me see: 2kB e-mail would take about 1 second with 28.8 kbps line, 
> about 2 second for session setup (this would be extremely fast). It'd 
> take him 3 seconds per message. 20 messages/minute, 1200/hour. 

No, 60 messages/minute or more. You run multiple processes/threads so that
the time taken to do a setup is interleaved with the transmission of other
copies. I would probably have 2 or 3 threads transmitting data at a time,
and maintain a queue of perhaps 10 setup connections, creating more as
entries move to the transmission phase.

Also I would do MX resolution ahead of time and group together addressees
with the same MX - these can be sent one copy between them.

> With open relay, relay having no protections whatsoever (don't know if 
> this would work, but an idea anyway): 2kB message 1 second, 2 seconds for 
> session setup, 20 chars/address -> 24kB for 1200 addresses (don't know if 
> servers accept this much),

Sticking to a limit of 100 is safer. And again you multi-thread the

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