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Re: Getting open smtp servers fixed

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  • From: Corneliu Tanasa < >
  • Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 14:35:21 +0000
  • Organization: LOGIC TELECOM SA
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Esa Laitinen wrote:

I think that the best way, should be to add a machine on the block list
only if it was used for spamming and you've heard nothing from the
administrator after notifying him about the incident.  At this time,
everything else is an abuse (blocking and/or spamming).  I realize that
this means a lot of work, but it is more rational that the usage of
those tools.

Corneliu Tanasa

> It has been argued that doing pre-emptive scanning for open smtp relays is a
> bad thing. I can understand the rationale behind this, so let's not get into
> this. I have another question to ask you.
> If I find out about an open smtp relay, which is the proper way of reporting
> it, or is there? People here have said that notifying them about open relay is
> spamming. Lets take that for granted. So, if I cannot notify by mail, should I
> start calling by phone?
> Why I'd like to notify the ISP as well is that too often the postmaster mailbox
> of the machine isn't read by anybody. In this case the ISP might have interest
> to educate the customer.
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