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  • From: Mike Norris < >
  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 08:44:48 +0100
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>         Somewhere in chapter 5 of ripe-159, a paragraph regarding AUP for mail
> spam issues, or some operational instructions (RIPE registry of good
> mail-relayers ?) to be followed for the registries, and applied by the LIRs to
> their customers.
>         I just got an email from Mike Norris with the agenda of the LIR WG.
> They
> have a slot to discuss I/O with other working groups, and this can be the
> place
> to suggest to this WG the evaluation of the impact of such recommendations in
> the Internet Registry procedures.

The LIR WG meets ahead of the Anti-Spam WG.  However, it could
be made aware of this discussion and might make suggestions to the
Anti-Spam WG, which in turn might recommend changes to ripe-159.
Such recommendations could be considered at report stage, if not
ahead of it by the two chairs concerned.


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