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Re: ORBS ?

  • To: Piet Beertema < >
  • From: Jose Manuel de Arce < >
  • Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 18:01:07 +0100
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        Maybe this is an issue to be included in ripe-159 (European Internet
Registry Policies and Procedures). Every Local-IR (European) must sign a
contract in which you can read: 

2.2   Contributor acknowledges applicability of and
      adheres to the European Internet Registry Policies
      and Procedures as outlined in European Internet Reg-
      istry Policies and Procedure document.

        Somewhere in chapter 5 of ripe-159, a paragraph regarding AUP for mail
spam issues, or some operational instructions (RIPE registry of good
mail-relayers ?) to be followed for the registries, and applied by the LIRs to
their customers.

        I just got an email from Mike Norris with the agenda of the LIR WG.
have a slot to discuss I/O with other working groups, and this can be the
to suggest to this WG the evaluation of the impact of such recommendations in
the Internet Registry procedures.

The first point to discuss if this way success is, from the antisapm Wg,
procedures and rules. Under European Organizations control, if possible. 

The second point is how to include this procedures in RIPE-159, and the
commitment from all the RIPE NCC members to the rules.

        From the European point of view, this can be global enough to start.
Also RIPE database can be a place to store certain kind of information useful
for this proposal.




At 17:38 08/09/98 +0200, you wrote:
>    But if black lists philosophy seems to be one of the best
>    (or the only) way to try solve one part of this problem
>It's certainly not a *solution* for the problem,
>just one of the ways to try to fight it. And all
>these 'global' approaches can have unwanted side
>effects, like loss of connectivity to sites that
>*you* may want to have/keep connectivity to, but
>that happen to be blacklisted in one of those
>'global' databases that *you* have no control
>over whatsoever!

>In whichever forum the initiative is taken, it
>is doomed to fail or not have much effect unless
>the conclusions/results/advices are implemented
>on a truly *global* scale. And unfortunately that
>is wishful thinking.
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