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News and Announcements

CITC Holds DNSSEC Training Workshop in Riyadh with the RIPE NCC

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia recently organised a DNSSEC training workshop in collaboration with the RIPE NCC. The workshop was held in Riyadh on 14 October 2015 and attracted participants from 11 networks and government agencies.

Archived: NRO NC Nominations Deadline

Today is the deadline for all nominations to the Number Resource Organisation (NRO) Number Council (NC).

Archived: NRO NC Election 2015: Call for Nominations Final Reminder

This is a final reminder of the call for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region to fill one vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC).

General Meeting November 2015 - Registration Open
RIPE NCC and CEPT Com-ITU Sign Letter of Understanding
RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Yerevan

The RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Yerevan took place on 15 September 2015 at the Marriott Hotel Yerevan in Yerevan, Armenia. A total of 111 attendees from eight countries participated in the meeting.

Proposal Regarding IANA Review Committee Selection Process
Archived: NRO NC Call for Nominations 2015

There is a call for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region to fill one vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC). The three-year term of Dmitry Kohmanyuk ends on 31 December 2015.

Archived: The RIPE NCC Relocates Office in 2016

The RIPE NCC will move to a new office location in Amsterdam by mid-2016. We believe this move will make our organisation more efficient and will counter the limitations of our current location, solving a number of logistical challenges we've faced over the years. It will allow for an efficient work environment and will improve interaction and cooperation between departments. The new facility will offer greater flexibility to accommodate changes in function or occupancy. And we will realise lower recurring rental costs and maintenance fees over time. The result will be a comfortable, state-of-the-art and inspiring work environment that fosters health and productivity. The office is located at Stationsplein 5-7, adjacent to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Archived: RIPE NCC Receives /14 from IANA's Recovered IPv4 Pool

Yesterday, on 2 September 2015, the RIPE NCC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) were each allocated a /14 of IPv4 address space from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The RIPE NCC received the IPv4 address ranges, and 152.89/16. We are currently adding this to our available pool.