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Archived: Independent Resources - Deadline for Contractual Relationship Selection
Archived: Governments and Regulators Gather to Discuss the Future of The Internet

Representatives from governments and regulators from Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia will gather at the RIPE NCC's eighth Roundtable Meeting to identify potential strategies for Internet development. IPv6 deployment, IPv4 address distribution policy and Internet governance among issues to be discussed.

Archived: RIPE NCC Joins Forces with EU on v6 Deployment

The RIPE NCC has been working closely with the European Commission (EC) on an IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey.

Archived: The RIPE NCC Deploys New K-root Node in Africa
Archived: RIPE NCC and ICANN Commit to Ongoing DNS Root Name Service Coordination
Archived: Change of K-Root Instance in Frankfurt to a Global Node
Archived: IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey Now Underway
Archived: Policy Proposal 2007-01 Phase 2 Implementation Begins
Archived: One-Stop Website Explains Everything You Need to Know About the New Internet Protocol, IPv6

The IPv6 Act Now website is designed to appeal to everyone with an interest in IPv6, from network engineers to company directors, from law enforcement agencies to government representatives and civil society.

Archived: RIPE 58 - Meeting Report
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