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Archived: RIPE Community Statement on the Internet Address Management System
Archived: Rob Blokzijl Receives Royal Recognition for his Work as an Internet Pioneer

Dr. Rob Blokzijl, founding member and Chair of RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens), was made an Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau (Orde van Oranje Nassau) in an official ceremony conducted by the acting Mayor of Amsterdam, Lodewijk Asscher, on 12 May 2010.

Archived: Nigel Titley and Remco van Mook elected to RIPE NCC Executive Board

Nigel Titley and Remco van Mook were elected by the membership to take the available seats on the Executive Board.

Archived: RIPE NCC Operated K-Root Server Distributing Root Zone Signed with DNSSEC

K-root, one of the 13 root name servers, distributing the root zone signed with DNSSEC as part of a global deployment plan that will see all 13 root zone servers signed by 1 July 2010.

Archived: RIPE NCC Rolls Out Signed .ARPA Zone
Archived: Be Heard! APNIC Community Consultation

Internet address management may be on the brink of change. The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) is studying the creation of an alternative International Internet Registry model to operate in parallel to the existing RIR model.

Archived: AS Number Assignment to the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC recently requested that it be allowed to assign an Autonomous System (AS) Number to itself for its DNS services.

Archived: ASO Call for Comments on Nominees for ICANN Board Seat
Archived: ICANN Calls for Applicants for the Position of Volunteer Review Team Member
Archived: RIPE NCC Confirms Commitment to DNSSEC Deployment in the Root Zone
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